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Insulated Glass Repair

Got Foggy Windows? Replace the glass and not the whole window. It's less expensive and its "green"

Foggy Windows are insulated units where you can see moisture and a haze between the two panes of glass. This happens when the seal fails and the airspace has become saturated with water. This happens often here on Cape Cod with our damp mornings, damp winters, and foggy sea mist.


Modern Insulated Units will last longer

Modern insulated glass units are "dual seal" technology with a primary PIB seal and a secondary backfill of urethane or silicone. These units last far longer than the old technology. It used to be that all warranties were void if you lived within a mile of the water - now we can offer a silicone sealed unit that is warrantied for 10 years even if you live right on the ocean!


You can even upgrade to Low-E energy saving glass

Although when doing so, you need to change all the window glass on the same side of the house at the same time because the low-e glass looks differently. It will appear slighty blue-green in its reflection. If you change one window to low-e and have a regular glass next to it, it will not look right. Low-e glass will help with both heating and cooling expenses.


Warranty Information

Standard Patio Sliders are warranted for 10 years. Effective 1/1/2009 all other Insulated Glass is warranted for 10 years (units installed prior to that date are subject to a 5 year warranty). Our warranty is pro-rated and only covers the glass and not the labor to install it. Exceptions to the warranty are: units that are 3/8" thick overall and units in a chlorinated pool area. This Warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The remedies set forth in this Warranty shall be the exclusive remedies available to any person. Cape & Islands Glass, Inc. shall under no circumstances be liable to any person for incidental or consequential damages of any description. No person has any authority to alter this warranty. Most insulated window glass is not tempered and is custom ordered to your exact specifications. These units usually take 4 to 7 business days to be made. Tempered insulated glass is required for doors and may take a few more days to produce.


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