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Diamon Fusion® Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

How do i maintain the treated surface?

Diamon Fusion® seals and protects the surface. If the area gets dirty, simply wipe the surface with a soapy cloth or body scrub and rinse it clean.. No need for scrubbing or harsh chemicals. This is better for you and the environment.

Periodically you can use Revitalizer® to renew the watershedding properties of Diamon Fusion® and make the water bead up and shed like new. Use of Revitalizer® is not required but it is a simple and inexpensive wipe on product that will help keep your treated surface clean and protected.


Commercial and Residential Windows and Partitions

Windows can be difficult to clean and maintain. With Diamon-Fusion®, water spots take longer to appear and when they do appear, are much easier to remove. Required maintenance is less frequent. The Diamon-Fusion® treatment makes it so that dirt and debris run right off. Diamon Fusion® has been applied to the Nike world headquarters, and other commercial building windows throughout the world. Visit the diamon fusion website for an up to date listing.


Automotive Glass

There are many differential advantages Diamon-Fusion® holds over any other hydrophobic coating - that is why the U.S. Army applied it to the Humvees in Iraq to protect the glass from sandstorms. DFI's technology can be applied in the field, on existing vehicles, as well as new vehicles. Every other treatment being marketed as a coating for auto glass are only selling on the attribute of making the drivers vision clearer in bad weather and making the windshield easier to clean. Diamon-Fusion® not only offers those benefits, but also makes the glass harder to scratch or break. In addition, Diamon-Fusion® has improved durability, being less affected by the abrasion caused by the windshield wipers. Diamon-Fusion® also aids in the removal of snow and ice, a great benefit for our long cold Cape Cod winters! If the cost is too high, then try our Clear Fusion® product you can apply yourself for less cost.


Glass Shower Enclosures

Well known for being difficult to clean and maintain, To help with this problem the major cleaning product manufacturers offer daily shower sprays. With a single application lasting for years, Diamon-Fusion® virtually eliminates the need for those daily shower sprays. With Diamon-Fusion®, all that is needed to maintain the treated glass is a splash of clean water after each shower and an occasional swipe with a body scrubber similar to the one used with soft soap for your skin.

Daily squeegee is still useful if you dont like to see any water spots at all. However, with a quality sealant and coating, its nice to know your glass is protected if you do not squeegee.


Why is Diamon Fusion® the best surface sealer?

  • Diamon Fusion® is the only two-stage treatment
  • Diamon Fusion® is the only product with a secondary bond "fusing" it to the surface, making it better and last longer.
  • No need for harsh chemical cleaners, that's good for your health and good for the environent!
  • Diamon Fusion® has a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.
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