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Rusty Pinchweld Damage

Improper windshield installation can lead to rust damage

Improper windshield installation can lead to rust damage to your vehicles pinch-weld. Usually the result of careless or under trained technicians. With our Cape Cod weather, we are more susceptible to rust damage than other places. That is why a proper windshield installation is so important.

Most insurance companies will not cover rust damage due to wear and tear, and most of the time damage is hidden and unnoticed by most consumers. Only years later when a new windshield is needed is the damage uncovered. The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 212) States that With manual seat belts, retention must be not less than 75% of windshield perimeter. With passive restraints, or "air bags", retention must be not less than 50% on either side of the vehicle's longitudinal center line. This could mean you will pay out of pocket for any damage due to a poorly installed windshield to fix extensive rust damage.

At Cape and Islands Glass, our technicians are trained to not only install your windshield correctly, but also not damage the pichweld in a way that could cause rust issues in the future. In most cases we are able to repair rust damage and bring your vehicles integrity back to FMVSS standards. Don't let this happen to you! Choose quality, Choose safety, Choose Cape and Islands Glass for your next windshield replacement.

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